20 Minutes

20 Minutes

20 Dakika (Original Title)
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1 Season
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59 x 45 Min. Available in HD

Melek leads a happy life with her loving husband and two children. She owns a bakery while her husband Ali is a history professor at a university. One night, their perfect life turns upside down when the police suddenly arrest Melek for attempted murder. Little do they know that both of their lives will change forever. After her fingerprints are found on the murder weapon, Melek is sentenced to life prison for murder. Wanting his old life back, Ali tries to prove his wife’s innocence but can’t find anything to negate the evidence against her. Although a decent and upright man, he becomes obsessed with the idea of breaking her wife out of jail. He consults with Kedi who successfully escaped from prison several times. Will Ali and Melek’s marriage survive this devastating event? Will they be able to go back to the way they lived?

Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Bulgarian
Bulgarian, Serbian, Romanian, Albanian, English, Macedonian, Croatian
Season Episodes
Season 1: 59 episodes
Special Episode
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