Village Girl

Village Girl

Güzel Köylü (Original Title)

Go and find a village for yourself and settle there.

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1 Season
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139 x 45 Min. Available in HD

Gül quits her job, fiancé and city life for a new start in a village after a chain of events leads her to Cemal , who abandons his bride at their wedding and finds love with the city girl After her life in the city falls apart, Gül ventures to a village in southern Turkey and finds new love after splitting with her fiancé. Swapping the fast pace of Istanbul for a rural home, she discovers that even in a small village she is destined to face new challenges and
complications. A string of mishaps sets the beautiful Gül on her journey. An important cosmetics package is delivered to the wrong address, she crashes into her boss’ car, misses an important meeting, spills milk on her blouse and lets her boyfriend’s car get towed away. To cap it all, she is fired by her boss and leaves her boyfriend, believing he is cheating on her. At the same time an old woman named Sultan Ana mysteriously receives the cosmetics package in Güzelköy , or ‘beautiful village’, in southern Turkey. She thinks the cosmetics are sent by her granddaughter as a gift, though nobody is aware of her having a granddaughter. With Sultan increasingly sick, her sons begin to squabble over their inheritance. One of them seeks to marry off Cemal to his daughter to get his hands on Sultan’s property. But Cemal is not interested in the prospective bride Kamuran and the wedding plans are doomed from the start. With Sultan still preoccupied by the cosmetics package and the woman who sent it, Cemal agrees to deliver a letter to the sender when he visits Istanbul. By coincidence he bumps into Gül and falls in love at first sight. He returns to his village but cannot forget her. When Gül receives the letter from Sultan, claiming to be her grandmother, she decides to visit her in Güzelköy . At first the city girl finds herself out of place in the village, but it seems she is not the woman’s granddaughter. On her arrival, she witnesses the ill fated wedding between Cemal and Kamuran . Inevitably at the last moment, as the bride and groom are asked to declare their vows, Cemal rejects her and there is uproar in the village. Having left the city in search of tranquility,
Gül discovers Güzelköy is just as chaotic. She decides to move back to Istanbul when she fails to find peace. When her ex boyfriend Kaan appears and begs her to take him back, she abandons her plans to return to the city. As she adapts to the village, Gül see its beauty and tranquility. She also notices that she is attracted to Cemal . But Kaan is not willing to give up on her and makes things complicated by deciding to stay and become the village dentist. As Gül begins her new life, now in love with Cemal , she has more adventure in store.

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