Bitter Sweet

Bitter Sweet

Dolunay (Original Title)

He should watch out for the full moon. Unexpected things could happen. When she finds work with businessman Ferit, budding chef Nazlı sets herself on a path to fulfill her dream, fighting through jealousy, rivalries and stubbornness to open a restaurant and find love.

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1 Season
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81 x 45 Min. Available in HD

Nazlı longs to become a successful chef after studying gastronomy at university. Living with her sister, she dreams of mastering Japanese cuisine and opening her own restaurant.

When she finds work as a cook to make ends meet, she embarks unwittingly on a journey to discover more than she dreamed. Ferit, the rich businessman for whom Nazlı begins to cook, is a mystery. She leaves his house each day without meeting him, leaving notes about the meals she cooks. Each day she reads the instructions that he has left for her. In this way, the bickering relationship of these two stubborn characters takes shape. An ambitious perfectionist, Ferit seeks total order at home and work.

Nazlı is the latest in a series of cooks, none of whom have lasted long as they fall victim to his fussiness. He thinks the new cook is a stubborn old woman, while she thinks her boss is an ageing, charmless businessman. When they finally meet, it will lead to a night of misunderstandings beneath a full moon that will change the direction of their lives. From their meeting across the kitchen counter they will grow fond of one another as Ferit begins to appreciate Nazlı’s cooking skills. But they face a complicated, winding path to love before their friendship flourishes in growing intimacy. These strong-willed characters launch into a relationship beset by personality clashes, romantic attachments and rivalries fueled by the family and friends around them. There is Hakan, a business opponent of Ferit who is used to getting what he wants and is bent on destroying his rival.

Then there is Deniz, Ferit’s best friend, who is like a brother to him. Unlike the cold and distant Ferit, Deniz is warm and friendly and gets on well with Nazlı, who develops a crush on him. The growing closeness between Deniz and Nazlı becomes an increasing source of concern for Ferit, forcing him to face the feelings he has for his cook. Nazlı in turn must make a decision about her future. She tries to run away from the situation by resigning, but will be repeatedly drawn back to Ferit. Fighting off the challenges to their relationship, Nazlı supports Ferit and they begin spending more and more time together, breaking down the walls of distrust between them and discovering their growing feelings for each other.

Ferit’s illness will then bring them even closer together. Nazlı works towards her dream of opening her restaurant, while battling to overcome disagreements with Ferit and resisting the jealous efforts of those around her to divide them. They are heading towards marriage, but is it just a game or are they really destined to find a happy ending in love?

Turkish, Arabic
Turkish, Spanish
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Season 1: 81 episode
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