Black Pearl

Black Pearl

Siyah İnci (Original Title)

We will be together until death us do part.

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67 x 45 Min. Available in HD

Hazal and Kenan’s dreams of a life together are shattered when businessman Vural cruelly forces Hazal to marry him, leaving Kenan to plot his revenge. Hazal and Kenan grow up and fall in love in the Aegean resort of Çeşme . They are set to spend their lives together until powerful businessman Vural devastates their plans. But Hazal will cling to hope of reunion, as she clings to the black pearl which Kenan retrieved from the sea bed as a token of his love. Growing up in an orphanage after being abandoned by his parents, Kenan’s only family is Hazal . She grew up without knowing her father and only feels herself complete with Kenan. As they prepare to marry, Kenan makes money fishing and Hazal finds work in a hotel. It is in her work as a chief waitress that she meets Vural , managing arrangements for his birthday party. At first sight he ominously falls in love with this woman. She is the spitting image of his wife Naz , whom he killed years earlier as she threatened to leave. Only Vural and his mother know about the murder. Naz’s brother Aziz is determined to discover the truth, having received a desperate message from her before she disappeared. Spending time in prison for shooting an associate of Vural in a row over her disappearance, Aziz is set to be released. Vural reluctantly attends his party and is set to leave when he meets Hazal . He collapses in shock as if seeing Naz in front of him. He resolves to make Hazal his wife, by whatever means. When he drops Hazal off at home that night Kenan is consumed by jealousy, but his suffering is
just beginning. Needing money for her wedding, Hazal is duped into spending a few hours working on a yacht. But the boat to which she is taken is empty aside from a romantic table set for two. Her shock is complete when Vural appears. Her anger and rejection does not deter him. He rapes her. When she awakes and realizes what happened, Hazal manages to flee and jump into the sea, but Vural prevents her escape. Her father and those around her pressure her to marry into his wealthy, powerful family. Kenan is devastated when Hazal breaks the news to him and his life is set on a new course as he crosses paths with the powerful and fierce Aziz, Vural’s great enemy. He soon finds himself as Aziz’s right hand man and his only goal is to get his revenge on both Hazal and Vural While Vural and Kenan are drawn into conflict, Hazal seeks to escape the man who turned her life into hell and find her way back to the man she loves. Kenan had said they will be together ‘till death us do part’. He will keep his word, whatever the cost.

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