Broken Pieces

Broken Pieces

Paramparça (Original Title)

Life tears people apart, destiny brings them together Two baby girls are swapped at birth and the truth only emerges 15 years later, turning their lives upside down and leading to romance between one of the mothers, Gülseren, and Cihan, father of the other girl.

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3 Seasons
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283 x 45 Min. Available in HD

Two women, one rich and one poor, give birth at the same hospital simultaneously and a nurse’s mistake leads to the babies being mixed up. When the truth emerges 15 years later, the families and their daughters are thrown into emotional confusion that reshapes their lives and relationships.

The poor, devoted mother Gülseren is abandoned by an uncaring husband to raise Hazal. Cihan, a kind man, brings up Cansu with a wife he does not love. They nurture each other’s children without knowing. When they eventually meet they discover not only their real daughters, but also romance. Many years before, the impoverished Gülseren is shopping in the final days of her pregnancy when a car hits her.

She goes into labor and is rushed to hospital by the guilt-ridden driver, who takes her to the nearest private clinic in a bid to avoid criminal charges for the accident. The wealthy Dilara arrives to give birth at the same time and they enter the delivery room together. Given their similar surnames, an absent-minded nurse makes the mistake of a lifetime, changing the destinies of the two babies. The mix-up remains unknown for 15 years, until Cansu suffers kidney failure after an accident and her parents give DNA samples which reveal the terrible reality.

Cansu secretly goes to the hospital where she was born and searches the birth archives. While there, she steals the file with an address and heads off to find Gülseren, only to be mugged as she does so. Gülseren takes Cansu to a community health center for treatment. Now Gülseren and Cihan finally cross paths. When her daughter Hazal goes missing, Gülseren is worried and is told to go to a café, which happens to belong to Cihan. Just as he prepares to seek police help, Hazal calls Gülseren and he drives her to pick up her daughter. The series of chance meetings and revelations now comes to completion as Cihan picks Cansu up from the health center.

With the shock of their initial meeting past, he and Gülseren begin to feel a mutual attraction, while Gülseren tells her daughter Hazal the truth herself. The traumatic revelation turns the families upside down and unleashes a thousand questions. Hazal is inundated with expensive gifts by Dilara who insists that she live with them, along with Cansu, to benefit from their prosperity. Cihan rejects this as unfair and says he wants a divorce, but Dilara refuses. The gulf in wealth between them sows discord between the families, but will also bring Cihan and Gülseren closer together. As they try to make sense of the confusion sown around them, they will both be consumed by a powerful feeling of love neither has ever experienced.

Season Episodes
Season 1: 83 episode, Season 2: 122 episode, Season 3: 78 episode
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