Çilek Kokusu (Original Title)

I won’t disappoint you. You’ll never regret sending me there.

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Wealthy playboy Burak turns poor Aslı’s life upside down when he makes her lose her job, but he takes his chance to make amends as they cross paths again in romance at his father’s hotel in Bodrum The poor, hardworking Aslı dreams of becoming a famous cake maker, but is knocked off course when she crosses paths with wealthy playboy Burak . From two different worlds, they swing between love and hate after they meet in Istanbul and both travel by coincidence to the southern resort of Bodrum Burak is the spoilt youngest son of one of Turkey’s richest and most prestigious families, the Mazharoğlus . Brought up in the lap of luxury with his every need catered for, he lacks any sense of responsibility. To those around him he is an arrogant know all who always gets what he wants.
Aslı is a clever 19 year old woman who lives with her mother in a middle class district of Istanbul. To help her
mother make ends meet, she works in a bakery. Her heart flutters around like a butterfly and she falls in love the
moment she sees Volkan. The 20 year old Volkan is Burak’s cousin. He is handsome, optimistic and sensible. Though Aslı is attracted to him, he is at first completely unaware of this because his mind is focused on someone else. The clash of cultures is plain when Aslı and Burak meet. Burak drives past the bakery in his luxury car and nearly crashes into her, forcing her to drop a cake. Burak dismisses her fuss and offers money, while she gets fired
from her job. She is horrified that he thinks he can buy off anyone with cash. Now at a loss as to what to do, she learns that her best friend Gonca is about to leave to work in Bodrum . Gonca convinces Aslı to come with her. Not wanting to miss the chance to travel with her, Aslı sees an opportunity to earn money and to enjoy a holiday.
Even though her mother does not approve of her daughter spending time in the fun filled touristic city, she eventually yields to pressure and lets Aslı go. By coincidence, Aslı sits next to Burak on the plane. Shocked an irritated at seeing him, the two of them begin to quarrel immediately. Burak’s father has sent his lazy son to Bodrum to run the family hotel in the hope he will learn to take responsibility. When they get off the plane, they believe they will never meet again, but fate has other plans in store. They meet again when the women find work at the hotel and Burak and Aslı are gradually drawn closer together. When Aslı becomes indebted to Burak she will feel obliged to play the role of Volkan’s girlfriend and will impress both men with her performance. Burak has met his match in Aslı, but it will take a series of coincidences for them both to realize it.

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