City of Lies

City of Lies

Küçük Sırlar (Original Title)

Be very careful about who you trust a second time.

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110 x 45 Min. Available in HD

Su must battle her school rival Ayşegül who seeks to sabotage her relationships with the handsome boys in her glamorous world, where only the powerful come out on top. The vivacious Su and her wealthy schoolfriends live an apparently perfect life, full of glamour and excitement among the elite of Istanbul. But it is a world where appearance is everything and where friends can quite easily turn into enemies in their thirst to get what they want. As her adventures unfold, Su becomes entwined in relationships fraught with jealousy and deceit. With the
pressure to succeed and get ahead, childhood innocence is soon lost. It seems that lies are the only way to survive and be loved in the shallow world she inhabits. Hopelessly romantic, Su is determined not to become like the “vampires” lurking around her. She is well liked within high school, but the price of that popularity is the enmity of the jealous Ayşegül. Their hatred for each other is so powerful they cannot even bear to be in the same room. Ayşegül is a trendsetter in school and enjoys wielding power. She is cunning and manipulative and will do anything to become the most popular girl. This means trying to trip Su up at every opportunity and sabotage her relationships. For Ayşegül, the easiest way to get at Su is through the boys hovering around her. There is first Ali, a handsome guy used to getting what he wants. He becomes selfish and provocative because of the indifference of his parents, more engrossed in themselves and their own success as architects. Then there is Çetin , the son of one of the richest people in the country. While cynical and pessimistic, he is also handsome and very smart. He enjoys stirring things up and watching as chaos ensues. He also likes to seduce girls but does not have a serious girlfriend. Çetin’s father married a second time with the mother of Ayşegül. Çetin is unhappy about that marriage and does not want to live in the same house as Ayşegül. Likewise, she does not want to be in the same home as him and is determined to split up their two parents. As Su fights to overcome the betrayal of so called friends and the traps set by her enemies, her only refuge is love. Hope comes in the shape of Demir , the only student who goes to school by bus instead of his own car. This sensitive soul, who likes reading and cooking, is also desperately in love with Su. Well groomed, immaculately dressed and driving luxury cars, Su and her friends seem to have the world at their feet. But behind the sparkling veneer of their glamour lives, lurk dark plots. Their relationships are interwoven with love, hatred and despair. Su must find a path through all the intrigues if she is to come out on top.

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