Cost of Love

Cost of Love

Aşkın Bedeli (Original Title)
Season Info
1 Season
Episode Info
418 x 48 Min. Available in HD

Poyraz, heir to one of the biggest companies in Turkey, the Haznedar Holding, and his wife Sedef are a happy couple that everyone looks up to. They also have a six-year-old son named Uğur. However, their happiness won’t last long. Taner, a young man who wants to get revenge after an old event, kidnaps Sedef. While neither the police nor her family can find her, Sedef comes back a few days later as if nothing happened. Even if everyone is happy, something does not add up. As soon as he sees her, Uğur starts screaming and denies that that woman is his mother. Shocked and confused, Poyraz starts to wonder. Why doesn’t his son want her? What happened to his wife? If that woman isn’t his wife, who is the woman that is identical to her? Indeed, Taner sent another woman to destroy the entire family.

Season Episodes
Season 1: 418 episode
Special Episode
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