Firar (Original Title)
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1 Season
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76 x 45 Min. Available in HD

The Bahtiyans are the most powerful and wealthy family in Mardin , led by Aziz Bahtiyan who runs the business
with his brother Kerim and Nadir, his right hand man. Aziz trusts Nadir more than anyone else, sharing the
darkest secrets of the business with him and sending him out to handle the most complicated issues. Nadir is
respected throughout Mardin for his loyalty to Aziz Bahtiyan Kerim is nothing like his older brother Aziz. Irresponsible and in constant trouble, Nadir considers him a disgrace to the Bahtiyan family. Out of loyalty to the family, Nadir continues to cover up for Kerim's scandals to protect their reputation. However, one night Kerim seduces Nadir ´s wife Gonul . Catching them in their secret love nest, Nadir kills Kerim . He knows this will cost him his own life, but his honor comes first. At this point, Nadir has no other choice than to run away from the wrath of the Bahtiyans , followed by a few men who still have faith in him.

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Season 1: 76 episode
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