İstanbullu Gelin (Original Title)

I cannot be a part of the war between you and your mother The passionate love between a wealthy businessman and a poor singer struggles to survive in a battle against deep-rooted family traditions which prize power over romance.

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3 Seasons
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301 x 45 Min. Available in HD

Growing up without her mother and father, Süreyya must find her way in life alone. Proud and beautiful, she lives modestly with her only relative, Aunt Senem. Working her way to graduation at a music conservatory, she becomes a talented musician. But this independent, simple life is set to be turned upside down. The handsome and wealthy Faruk Boran transforms the young singer’s life. Mesmerized by his charm, she finds herself swept up in a passionate romance and falls desperately in love.

The successful businessman is similarly smitten and keen to introduce her to his very different, privileged life in the green city of Bursa. The Borans are among Turkey’s richest and most aristocratic families, holding court in a picturesque mansion among forests. Here, Süreyya will battle the tough family matriarch Esma Sultan, who has brought up her four sons alone.

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Turkish, Arabic, Spanish
Turkish, Arabic
Season Episodes
Season1: 51 eps, Seson 2: 129 eps, Season 3: 121 eps
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