Ateşböceği (Original Title)

Life runs away when you chase it, and opens a completely different door Cynical divorce lawyer Barış and fun-loving taxi driver Aslı embark on a journey of two unlikely soulmates, brought together by a car crash, searching for justice, and finding love.

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1 Season
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57 x 45 Min. Available in HD

Charming but loveless divorce lawyer Barış’ cynical view of the world is challenged when he meets high-spirited taxi driver Aslı and they embark on an adventure full of drama and comedy. A search for justice launches them on a journey that will reveal whether theses contrasting characters are actually soulmates. Barış Buka is a successful attorney who justifies his loneliness by saying he doesn’t believe in love.

He now faces the biggest trial of his life when romance comes knocking on his door, along with accusations against his cousin that threaten his family’s happiness. The fun-loving Aslı Eğilmez must get serious and take responsibility when her father dies. She takes over his taxi to support the family.

Given the nickname Firefly by those close to her, she is vibrant and smart and a sharp contrast to the cynical and serious Barış. The turning point in their lives is a hit-and-run car crash in which Aslı’s beloved niece Çiçek is badly hurt, leaving her in a wheelchair. Aslı seeks the man responsible for the accident and she won’t rest until she finds him and sees him put behind bars. Prospects for love blossoming between Barış and Aslı look poor when they first meet.

Everybody believes Barış’ cousin Hakan caused the crash. The 25-year-old’s carefree life, which revolves around the gym, DJ sets and girls, is about to undergo dramatic change. Dedicated to defending justice, Barış is also fiercely protective of his family and does all he can to support Hakan. He offers Aslı a job as his private chauffeur so he can keep a close eye on her. She reluctantly accepts the job and they end up in the same car.

Barış now sets off with a beautiful but suspicious woman in the driving seat in his luxury car. Meanwhile, the handsome man with Aslı as a passenger is keeping a secret from her. They must contend with malicious people around them setting devious traps. As their romance deepens they must also cope with problems generated by their families. There is Hakan’s mother Handan, worried about her son, naïve and melancholic. There is Çiçek’s father Metin, who has lost confidence in himself after a series of failures. But there is also support.

Teo, Barış’ right-hand man, is a former small-time criminal who turns his life around under the lawyer’s guidance and becomes his guard, friend and confidant. Barış’ aunt Cahide is determined to see him get married before she dies. As their adventure unfolds, Barış will find himself embracing the feelings of love arising in him. Together with Aslı they will fight through the threats and setbacks that undermine their relationship as they seek a happy ending to their journey.

Turkish, Spanish
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Season 1: 57 episode
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