Forgive Me

Forgive Me

Beni Affet (Original Title)
Season Info
7 Season
Episode Info
1144 x 40-60 Min. Available in HD

One of the wealthiest men in Ankara, Osman Kozan is a strict businessman who often causes his wife Zühre and his children to be unhappy. The backbone of the family and the head of the company, his oldest son Cüneyt falls in love with Feride, a distant relative of his mother but Osman doesn’t approve of the relationship. Refusing to cause problems between father and son, Feride pushes Cüneyt away so Cüneyt meets Eylül, an attractive, ambitious and wealthy woman a perfect candidate for Cüneyt. But Eylül has only one aim: to get revenge from Osman and destroy his family. Cooperating with her cousin Tunç, she starts to destroy the Kozan family from within.

Arabic (101-190), Spanish (101-190)
Season Episodes
Season 1: 90 episodes, Season 2: 205 episodes, Season 3: 194 episodes, Season 4: 203 episodes, Season 5: 219 episodes, Season 6: 196 episodes, Season 7: 195 episodes, Season 8: 75 episodes
Special Episode
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