Glass Mask

Glass Mask

İçimdeki Fırtına (Original Title)

Betrayal always comes from those we love

Sisters Ezgi and Deniz are driven apart by their love for the same man, a fall from a cliff, and the truth about their tragic start in life, which will lead to a vengeful battle five years on.

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1 Season
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19 x 45 Min. Available in HD

Sharing a tragic start in life, Ezgi and Deniz grow up believing they are twins but become bitter enemies prepared to destroy each other when they learn the terrible truth hidden by their parents. Their rivalry deepens when they fall in love with the same man, paving the way for further heartache and acrimony.

They are sharply contrasting characters: Deniz is easy going and tolerant; Ezgi is hard and ambitious. To make matters worse, Ezgi is extremely jealous of Deniz and in love with her boyfriend Emre, the heir of a powerful company called Deran Holding.

Ezgi is the company’s product manager but covets Deniz’s role as chief designer. Deniz thinks Ezgi’s anger will pass and is happily focused on her impending marriage to Emre. However, Ezgi seduces Emre on a business trip and then makes sure that Deniz finds out. All hell breaks loose.

The two sisters are drawn into a fierce argument on the edge of a cliff and Ezgi does nothing to save Deniz when she falls, apparently to her death. The family goes into mourning and Ezgi goes on to marry Emre. She also takes the role as head of design, passing Deniz’s designs off as her own.

Unknown to them all, Deniz survived the fall. Horrified by the betrayal of those closest to her, she goes into hiding, full of anger, and seeks the truth about her life. She will discover her real father was wrongly accused of murder and seek vengeance.

Deniz, it emerges, was adopted by detective Selim when he covers up his accidental killing of people in a shoot-out, including his partner, a criminal and his pregnant wife. The woman gives birth to a baby girl and dies. Selim decides to raise the girl as his own.

Nermin, his partner’s wife, miscarries her baby in shock at her husband’s death. She walks into the hospital nursery, snatches a baby girl and flees. She names her Ezgi and raises her as her own daughter. Nermin and Selim ultimately marry and bring up the girls together, haunted by their secrets.

After her disappearance, Deniz has five years to digest the truth about the tragic start to her life and is ready to seek retribution. In turns out that she is actually the granddaughter of Nusret Deran, the founder of Deran Holding. He has spent five years being treated for illness in America, before returning to Istanbul.

Ezgi and Emre are astounded when they see before them the woman they believed long dead and hear her introduced as Elif Deran. Deniz just smiles, biding her time. The secret war between Ezgi and Deniz now begins. They are prepared to crush each other.

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