High Society

High Society

Yüksek Sosyete (Original Title)

I love you enough to destroy all the obstacles in our way

The wealthy Mert and poor Kerem overcome barriers of wealth and class as friends, but as romance develop with their girlfriends they must surmount the suspicions and jealousies which conspire to keep rich and poor apart.

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76 x 45 Min. Available in HD

Mert and Kerem are childhood friends from different ends of society whose lives, careers and love affairs are shaped by the pressures of wealth and poverty. Concealing their true identities, they learn through tumultuous romances whether love can overcome barriers of class and prosperity.

Mert is the spoilt son of a wealthy family, while Kerem is the only child of the family’s maid. Kerem is dutiful and determined, always helping his friend with homework and in fights. Mert looks to shirk responsibility, seeking the easiest path to a comfortable life.

After graduation, family responsibility weighs on Mert as his father demands he work in the family business if he wants to continue his luxury lifestyle. The family’s wealth is built on a chain of organic food shops. Mert is tasked with turning around the fortunes of a trouble store.

Kerem faces his own challenge after university, needing to earn money just to make ends meet. Knowing Kerem’s dream is to start his own organic farm, Mert asks him to run the store for a month. He offers to provide Kerem with money to buy land for his farm as a reward.

Mert also feels family pressure when it comes to love. His parents want him to marry Cansu, also from a wealthy family. Cansu rejects the future which her mother has mapped out for her and just wants to enjoy life. Seeing Mert as an eligible candidate for marriage, her mother arranges a date.

But Cansu wants a man who will love her for who she is, not because of her fortune. The date is a failure, and Cansu goes to a café where a fortune teller says she will find happiness with a poor man. She sets out to make the dream come true.

Finding a job at the organic food store, she hides her identity in the hope that a simple life will put her in the path of a poor man who will sweep her off her feet.

On her first day at work, Cansu feels an immediate attraction to Kerem, who is pretending to be the wealthy and powerful Mert. Kerem believes Cansu is just a poor shop girl and over time they become close. Mert pretends he is Kerem’s poor friend and he meets Ece, also working as a salesgirl in the shop. Though they are from different worlds, they too begin to fall in love.

As the relationships between them unfold, the young lovers must contend with suspicions, jealousies and snobberies which conspire to keep the poor and wealthy apart. They will also have to cope with ambitious parents who put security and prosperity first, as they seek to surmount barriers to their love.

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