House of Lies

House of Lies

Kağıt Ev (Original Title)

THE HORRIFIC TRUTH THEY TRIED TO BURY Cihan and Aylin’s family is torn apart in this gripping drama when their daughter’s suspicions about her father’s affair lead to her killing the maid’s daughter, burdening them with a gruesome secret which could destroy them all.

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1 Season
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26 x 45 Min, Available in HD

The Firtinas seem to be a happy family, but an illicit relationship and a suspicious daughter destroy the illusion in a moment of fury, leaving a terrible secret to tear them apart. When Cihan’s daughter Cemre learns of his affair she becomes convinced that his lover is Inci, the family maid’s daughter.

Before a party to celebrate Cihan becoming a professor, Cemre confronts Inci and attacks her viciously despite her denials of a relationship. Rushing to the scene, Cihan finds Cemre over Inci’s bloodied body. Efforts to resuscitate her fail and he can only look on in astonishment at what Cemre has done.

In truth, Cihan’s lover was not Inci but the beautiful host of the TV show on which he appears as a pundit. But his only concern now, with his wife Aylin, is to protect their daughter by covering up the murder. That night, after the party, they wrap Inci’s corpse in a black bag and bury it.

Inci’s mother and Cemre’s brother Mert, Inci’s secret boyfriend, are distraught at her disappearance. When her body is found far away, the detective put in charge of the murder investigation is Aylin’s former lover. Bound together by their secrets, the two parents seek to conceal the truth at all costs.

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Season 1: 26 episodes
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