İffet (Original Title)

Don’t you ever forget; a person lives for their pride and honor.

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1 Season
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80(Arabic 113) x 45 Min. Available in HD

İffet’s dreams of marrying taxi driver Cemil fall in apart when he rapes her and weds another, but when she marries her wealthy boss in revenge, Cemil will do anything to win her back. Beautiful İffet’s stormy relationship with taxi driver Cemil leads her on a journey of love, passion and revenge. From her modest home with her father and sister in a down market Istanbul suburb, she rises to the top of the social ladder. But she cannot erase the powerful feelings from her past. İffet is deeply in love with the handsome Cemil , who works out of the local taxi station. She dreams that one day he will propose to her. But their relationship must remain a secret. She is brought up with strict moral values and her father forbids any relationship until she is married. Cemil comes up with endless excuses not to marry, whether a lack of money or the need to take care of his mother. In truth, Cemil does not want to marry İffet because he has bigger plans. He dreams of becoming rich and leaving his run down neighborhood to live an exotic life elsewhere. İffet opens the door to another world when she begins work to save money for her future wedding. She gets a job as a housekeeper in the mansion of Ali İhsan Ersoy , one of the country’s most powerful businessmen. He lost his wife many years ago and never married again and lives with his neurotic sister. As their clandestine relationship develops, Cemil starts to pressure İffet to go to bed with him before they marry. For a traditional girl like İffet this is completely unacceptable. One fateful day at the wedding of her best friend Serpil, Cemil gets drunk and loses control. He rapes İffet For a time İffet tries to get over the trauma, keeping the attack secret in fear of her father’s reaction. She feels devastated and dishonored. Cemil begs for forgiveness and promises to marry her, soothing İffet’s pain. Having discovered she is pregnant, his words give her hope that her honor can be saved. But those hopes are dashed by Betül , daughter of the taxi station owner. Cemil is duped by Betül and pressured into marrying her. As İffet’s world falls in on her, Cemil tries to explain that he was forced to go ahead because he needs money for his sick mother. With İffet already devastated by his decision, her troubles multiply as news of her pregnancy spreads. Her father is furious when he finds out and attacks İffet in the street, beating her up in front of neighbors. İffet vows to take revenge on Cemil for the suffering he has caused. Her chance emerges when the businessman Ali İhsan falls in love with her. Once married to him, İffet becomes wealthy and powerful. Devastated, Cemil is ready to do anything to win her back. İffet will have to resist the temptation.

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Season 1: 80 episodes
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