Life of Secrets

Life of Secrets

Hayat Sırları (Original Title)
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1 Season
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33 x 45 Min. Available in HD

Mustafa Kuzgun lives a modest, happy life with his wife and three adult children in the outskirts of Istanbul. He runs a small restaurant and though he is a virtuoso in the kitchen, he has no desire to expand his business nor does he strive for recognition. But life is unpredictable and Mustafa’s once uncomplicated world gets turned up side down by a dark secret from his past resurfacing. All the while his children, having been brought up to be good, humble people like their father, have more in common with him than he would like, each with their own stories that they must keep hidden from the rest of the family. As each of their lies and secrets becomes increasingly entangled and closer to surfacing, Mustafa’s life is less ordinary than ever.

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Season 1: 33 episodes
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