Loved You Once

Loved You Once

Sevdim Seni Bir Kere (Original Title)
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154 x 60 Min. Available in HD

Despite her father’s objections, Aslım goes to Ankara to enroll in the private university from which she receives a scholarship to attend the Department of Law. She meets Ozan, the son of the university’s owners Jülide and Mümtaz at the registrar’s office and clashes with him from the first day. But the passionate love between Aslım, the naïve yet stubborn young woman, and Ozan, the rebellious and angry man, will give rise to issues that lay in the past of both their family histories. Ambition, arrogance, socio-economic differences, past lies and secrets will destroy not only the lives of Aslım and Ozan but also the lives of their families.

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Season 1: 154 episodes
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