My Better Half

My Better Half

Sol Yanım (Original Title)

Students Serra and Selim, their lives scarred by family heartbreak, are drawn irresistibly to one another at university where they find excitement and romance, but also emotional challenges as tough as those they face at home.

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38 x 45 Min. Available in HD

Students Serra and Selim are drawn irresistibly to one another at the university founded by Selim’s father. While the beautiful Serra struggles in poverty and the handsome Selim enjoys great wealth, they both share the emotional turmoil caused by the death of one closest to them. University will be as complicated as their life at home. While studying on a scholarship, Serra also works as a hotel housekeeper to make ends meet. After her fraudster father left the family penniless, tragedy strikes with the suicide of her brother. University brings the opportunity to rebuild her life and prove herself as she enters Selim’s world. Though blessed with prosperity, Selim’s life is scarred by the death of his mother and the arrival of a stepmother who dominates life at home. As coincidence brings him together with Serra, he is struck by her resilience and they bond together as they learn from each other’s experiences. University brings adventure, excitement and romance to Serra and Selim, but also tests their relationship with jealousy, deception and betrayal. Despite the emotional strength which they both possess, life is about to set them challenges which will test their love to the limit.

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