Perfect Groom

Perfect Groom

Şahane Damat (Original Title)

It is just a game, a game we have to play Melike sees a chance to convince her family she has found her dream husband by threatening to reveal a secret affair, persuading successful doctor Mehmet to play along in her complex game of love.

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1 Season
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Melike moves from Germany to Istanbul and ends up spinning a web of lies to sustain the illusion of a dream life. Her family believes she is an award-winning journalist, living in luxury and set to marry her famous doctor fiancé, Mehmet. In truth, she lives alone in poverty, writing about astrology for a magazine.

When the opportunity comes to write about a major scoop, she is left with a huge dilemma, as the story concerns Mehmet. His uncle, a partner in the hospital where Mehmet works, is having an affair with famous diva Perihan, who attempts suicide in frustration at his failure to divorce his wife Suna. Mehmet’s uncle cannot leave Suna because he would then lose his stake in the hospital to Engin, her son from a previous marriage. This would spell disaster for Mehmet, who uses his plastic surgery for wealthy patients to fund his benevolent work, carrying out operations for poor people. This is all the motivation Mehmet needs to save his uncle’s marriage and hide his affair from Suna. He knows that if Engin takes over the hospital, his fund will be closed.

When Perihan threatens suicide, Mehmet’s uncle sends him to her house. She is one of Mehmet’s patients, and both likes and trusts him. Melike’s plight takes a turn for the worse when she is thrown out of her apartment over unpaid rent. She spends the night at the home of Tahsin, her friend and colleague at the magazine. Tahsin is both Mehmet’s neighbor and his close friend, and has long known of Melike’s feelings for Mehmet. Further complicating the situation, Melike’s family visits from Germany. Melike’s lazy, musician brother dreams of becoming famous and appears on stage in Berlin night clubs.

But when he gets involved in a fight, his mother seeks to put the trouble behind them by taking the family to visit Melike in Istanbul. When Melike finds out Perihan is the mistress of Mehmet’s uncle, she sees an opportunity to blackmail Mehmet. Her family is eager to meet her fiancé. Melike orders Mehmet to pretend they are together, or she will reveal the truth to Suna and the press. Melike’s mother says the family is planning to stay and they plan to live with her and Mehmet when they marry. When he demands that Melike explain what is happening, she says would otherwise have to return to Germany and give up on the dreams she has for life in Istanbul.

Sympathetic for Melike and seeing no other way out of the situation, Mehmet agrees to go along with the pretense of being the perfect groom. As the deceptions become more complex, they find themselves becoming deeper and deeper entangled in a game of love.

Turkish, Spanish
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