Akrep (Original Title)
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1 Season
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91 x 45 Min, Available in HD

Perihan Emgen, her daughter, grandchildren and her son in law Fikret, who she only tolerates for her daughter Berna, live under the same roof comfortably and prestigiously due to Perihan literally clawing her way to the top. Ferda, daughter of the famous Perihan Emgen who was abandoned at the age of one, runs a hair salon with her daughter Merve and is deeply loved by all the women in her neighbourhood. Ferda, blames her mother’s abandonment for all of her troubles. Her step sister Berna is married and has three children. In a quest to avenge her mother, Ferda has an affair with Fikret, her step sister’s husband. No matter how much Perihan tries to prevent this relationship, she never succeeds. Ferda is determined to take the life that is took from her. And while doing so, she accidentally causes the death of her sister. Berna’s death changes everyone’s lives forever. While the news drops in like a bomb, Perihan’s granddaughter Duru, who studies in the United States, arrives at the house for the funeral. Ferda has no desire to stop and while the Emgen household are mourning the death of Berna; she pays the family a surprise visit with her daughter Merve. Calling Perihan, “mother” shocks everyone in the family. Now, everyone in the family find out Perihan’s secret. Ferda’s stubbornness and Perihan not wanting her, causes a great war between the mother and daughter. This war will also change the lives of Ferda’s neighbours Ipek and Aras and will drag all of the young ones to a drift between love and hatred.

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Season 1: 91 episodes
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