Shadow of the Past

Shadow of the Past

Yalancı Bahar (Original Title)
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1 Season
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18 x 45 Min. Available in SD

Zeynep is married to the son of the wealthy and noble Istanbul family, the Karamans . She loves her husband Mehmet deeply, and raises their son Omer with care and tenderness. She spends the rest of her time in the flower store, where she works with her business partner Deniz. She is very happy with her life and feels the joy of living. However, soon her happiness will be shattered to pieces as the shadows of her past come to light. Selim, her childhood boyfriend who was into shady businesses in their early twenties, will do all he can to ruin Zeynep's
happiness the moment he gets out of prison. There is one factor that he did not take into account while he planned
his evil plot: his passion for Zeynep...

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Season 1: 18 episodes
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