The Game of My Destiny

The Game of My Destiny

Kaderimin Oyunu (Original Title)

The Game of My Destiny” tells the gripping story of Asiye, whose world is turned upside down by a chain of fateful events through which she must battle to rebuild a family shattered by violence, abandonment and emotional turmoil.

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“The Game of My Destiny” tells the story of Asiye, her family, and a horrific incident which turns their world upside down. Her struggle to raise her children alone in poverty becomes unbearable when a neighbor attempts to rape her daughter Nergis. After the child kills him they must rebuild their shattered lives.

In a twist of fate, Asiye crosses paths with a knight in shining armor, Mahir, who finds the family refuge in the Demirhan mansion. But rather than finding salvation there, she finds herself confronted with a new battle. The mansion is also home to her ex-husband Cemal who abandoned the family years ago.

Cemal, who had abandoned his family responsibilities, is now married to Helin, the daughter of Harun, head of the powerful Demirhan family. By contrast, Mahir has never avoided responsibility and has had to fight to achieve success, having suffered rejection early in life as the illegitimate son of Harun.

Asiye now faces the toughest of dilemmas in choosing whether to reuniting with Cemal or making a fresh start with Mahir. Within the poisonous atmosphere of the Demirhan Mansion, fraught with romance, betrayal and jealousy, she must overcome a cruel destiny and find happiness for her and her children.

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