The Yard

The Yard

Avlu (Original Title)
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1 Season
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146 x 45 Min. Available in HD

Deniz who took the blame for the crime of her daughter Ecem who shot her husband Hakan by whom she was subjected to violence is arrested. In the prison she is squeezed between the leaders of two jail gangs, namely Azra and Kudret. She hopes to be released in a short time. Deniz is accused of killing the warden of the prison and is put on trial for serving a life sentence Kudret who sees Deniz as a threat look for various ways for harming her and prepares a plot. In the meanwhile Ecem the daughter of Deniz get acquainted with Alp, the son of Kudret, at the gate of the prison and they fall in love with each other. Kudret tries to get Ecem murdered by Alp but Ecem gets rid of it. Ecem who confessed that it was her who shot Hakan goes into the jail. On the other hand Kudret tries to get Ecem murdered again, this time in the jail. Ecem is heavily injured and hospitalized. She is released from prison after she gets out of the hospital. She is murdered by Alp the first day that she went home. After the killing of her daughter, Deniz stabs Kudret to death.

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Season 1: 146 episodes
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